‘He who fears change will soon meet with both fear and change many times over.’

This aphorism from Dürrenmatt contains a great deal of relevance and truth when it comes to learning or teaching singing. Change is manifold: it includes vocal, musical and personal development by challenging old habits, defining oneself anew, learning by example, ‘sensing with one’s ears’ and ‘hearing with one’s muscles’.

What interests me as a teacher is to help unfold the core of an immediately engaging voice. This development needs time, physical (indeed almost athletic) stamina, watchfulness and mutual openness. One of the most important building blocks of my teaching philosophy is training the ear to filter technically and analytically.

Even those not in possession of an overly-large voice can, in my opinion, develop and achieve a high level of stage-worthy vocal presence, enabling the singer to carry over an orchestra; this is possible through proper repertoire selection, stylistically assured singing and a perfectly weighted resonance.

Good, well-balanced teaching should be seen as long-term, well removed from any unhealthy dependencies, and understood as a means of ‘helping to help oneself’. The ultimate goal is independence, personal growth and vocal longevity.

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I have always been extremely curious and feel very fortunate to have gained -and grown through- my experiences in opera, oratorio and song.

Singing, speaking and teaching in numerous languages and styles has fascinated and hugely enriched me as a person. The singing profession can be challenging but also exhilarating at the same time!